I am a relationship therapist- meaning I focus on helping people improve their relationship with themselves, their partners, coworkers and the world. How we relate to our place in the world and our lives shapes our experience. My clients are diverse and we work on any number of issues including:

  • Relationship struggles
  • Parenting concerns
  • Work conflicts and career path choices
  • Substance abuse
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Life transitions
  • School stress
  • Aging parents
  • Family of origin issues
  • Trauma

We will identify your goals, create a plan and use an approach that is going to help you feel better most quickly.


I specialize in working with romantic partners at any time during the evolution of your relationship and offer the Gottman Relationship Checkup as part of your assessment process.  Relationships can be a wonderful place to find and explore all the possibilities of merging our lives with another. However, they can also challenge our individual ideas, values, agendas and perspectives. Whether you and your partner want to build a new foundation together or work through an old conflict, we will figure out how to move your relationship forward. I am kink-aware and poly friendly and recognize that there is no one right way to experience connection.


Raising kids raises the bar on how flexible, creative, energetic, compassionate, thoughtful, patient, loving and present you are required to be often on a moment’s notice, with little preparation and even less sleep. Parenting challenges our own childhood experiences and is not like it was for our parents. Our kids today face different worries, pressures and experiences. Raising kids who are exploring their identity, gender or sexuality requires parents to grow, learn and offer unconditional love, which means you as the adult may need your own support in getting there. Whether you’re planning your family, are a new parent or you’re knee deep in the adventure of raising children, I offer support, insight and a fresh perspective on the complexity of parenthood.

Divorce * Co-parenting * Blended-Families

Ending your romantic relationship doesn’t end your parenting relationship; to your child you will always be their parents.  Co-parenting is the next step after your romantic relationship ends, when you move beyond your partnership issues and focus on rebuilding your family in a new way- as co-parents to your child.

As relationships change and evolve, blended families are often formed.  While this may be a thrilling time romantically, for your children, co-parents and new partners it can be deeply challenging to reconfigure expectations.  During these times of transition I help families think through the logistics and cope with the emotions that come with changing relationships.



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