Organizational Consulting

Your organization is just as unique as the people who work there and as such deserves personalized and tailor-made support. Boutique behavioral health consulting helps organizations craft solutions, remove barriers and support employees to unlock potential.

All organizations feel the individual impact each employee brings to work – the reality is that people have their own lives, agendas, challenges, quirks and pressures that translate into who they are as employees and how they do their job. Wise organizations create environments where employees thrive and have the necessary support to manage the balance between work and home life.  Well-balanced, happy employees are good for morale, productivity and innovation. Unlock the potential of your most valuable contributors by supporting the whole person. 

Behavioral Health & Wellness Program Development     Progressive companies let the whole person thrive and flourish at work accessing a wide range of targeted and personalized behavioral health & wellness  initiatives, employee development opportunities and resource creation.

  • Training and Education Opportunities for Employees, Managers and Leaders
  • Program Development for Behavioral Health and Wellness Initiatives

Workplace Intervention Support     Challenging events can arise that need immediate support to help your business and its people regain equilibrium and find a way forward.  Telephonic and on-site services meet the individual needs of your employees and managers.

  • 1:1 Counseling for Employees
  • Crisis Response Services & Black Cloud Support
  • Manager Consultation
  • Employee Development Coaching/Mandatory Referral

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